Dependable and Accurate Appraising in Middle Georgia

You need a real estate appraisal Service that is backed by the experience of thousands of appraisals in the Middle Georgia area. You need Hester Appraisals & Consulting.

We specialize in appraising:

  • Single Family Residences (including executive homes, farms, and lake front homes)
  • 2-4 Family Residences
  • Vacant Land (residential lots to multi-thousand acre tracts)
  • Commercial Properties (including churches, apartment complexes, professional offices, convenience stores, etc.)

We provide a variety of appriasal services

  • Mortgage Lending (Conventional, FHA, & USDA)
  • REO and Foreclosure
  • Relocation Appraisals (ERC)
  • Appraisal Reviews
  • Pre-construction
  • Pre-listing Services (for home owners and real estate sales persons)
  • House Measuring Service
  • PMI Removal
  • Estate Settlement
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Trusts
  • Debt Assistance

You need an appraisal company that uses all available resources for real estate sales information. Hester Appraisals uses the local multiple listing service as well as multiple sales databases for assured access to the most relevant information available.

You need an appraisal company that has built its reputation by providing the best appraisal service in the Middle Georgia area. You need an appraisal service that communicates with you through every step of the appraisal process. By doing so, we can assure that your appraisal needs are accurately met in a timely manner.

Your business will clearly benefit in service, time, and profits by having Hester Appraisals serve your appraisal needs.

Fill out the form below so you can get started using the most comprehensive appraisal service in Middle Georgia.


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